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Knotwood Aluminum Building Systems

2016 IBS Best Outdoor Living Product

The lightweight durability of aluminum…

…meets the warm elegance of wood.

20-Year Warranty!

LEED Certified

Waterproof & UV-Resistant








Street & Park Furniture


Norman’s Overhead Doors & Gates, California’s only major distributor of Knotwood, is looking for QUALIFIED contractors to become Knotwood-authorized dealer-installers. 

Increase profit and diversify revenue. No commitment, no dealer fees.

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LEED Certified | 20-Year Warranty | Anti-Graffiti | Fireproof | Waterproof | Rust-Proof

Infinitely Recyclable | Lightweight | Durable | Beautiful & Elegant

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Contact us today to learn how you can diversify revenue, increase profits, and build authority with Knotwood’s award-winning powder-coated aluminum building systems.

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Voted Best Outdoor Living Product at the NAHB 2016 International Builders’ Show, the largest light construction show in the world, Knotwood has been dubbed “the next commodity” by the most progressive-minded building professionals and investors from every corner of the globe.

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Savvy contractors everywhere are becoming Knotwood-authorized dealer-installers because it’s:

 Profitable. Building professionals all over the world are realizing additional revenue streams by becoming dealers, many reporting that Knotwood has become a majority portion of business.

Furthermore, many specialty contractors, (particularly fencing, decking, and siding contractors) have built their businesses entirely around Knotwood.

Safe. No one knows the importance of fire safety quite like the builders of California. Knotwood is fireproof and can be used for building in highly fire-prone areas.

Easy. Knotwood is easy to work with, requiring minimal additional education and maintenance.

 Beautiful. Knotwood’s state-of-the-art photo technology creates the most beautiful wood-grains and colors, so it will complement any style.

Green. Infinitely recyclable, aluminum is an eco-friendly alternative that reduces the impact of building.

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Wood Grain Colors


Knotwood Wood Grain - Bush Cherry
Bush Cherry
Knotwood Wood Grain - Atlantic Cedar

Atlantic Cedar

Knotwood Wood Grain - Black Walnut
Black Walnut
Knotwood Wood Grain - Jarrah
Knotwood Wood Grain - Australian Cedar
Australian Cedar

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Knotwood San Diego is committed to providing our community with superior products and excellent service from only the best vendors, so we invite all reputable, motivated, and professional contractors to contact us today.

With no commitment, no contracts, and no sales quota, it’s the perfect way to help increase profits, diversify revenue, and build authority as an industry leader.

We’d love to talk to you about your business goals! Give us a call today: (619)642-2040.

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Knotwood - It's not wood, it's aluminum

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